Last updated:
April 16th 2018

The latest trend in e-commerce is Entertainment Shopping: that is, auction sites that sell high-tech and luxury products. These auctions are open to everyone - each user just pays a small amount to get credits to participate in the sale. This means incredible discounts are possible, even on the latest high-tech products!

You can read experiences from happy winners on forums all over the web, all who received amazing deals on the latest tech products. Although sold for very high prices by traditional retailers, these items can be purchased online for a fraction of their value, thanks to a revolutionary new way to shop.

iPhones with a fantastic discount?

Being skeptical is normal when reading claims like this. The truth is that websites like Swoggi do provide a simple way to obtain products like a brand new iPhone X for much cheaper then the traditional stores.

But can your really trust Swoggi? Is it a reliable website? Let's check out the facts!

  • Over £145,976 saved in total by all winning users in 2017
  • Operating since 2009 in the UK
  • 142 380 active users who trust Swoggi
  • Free Registration with test credits

Still unsure? The website also allows any visitor to view all completed auctions. Because of this, it couldn't be easier to work out how much YOU could save on your favourite products.:

To participate, you need to purchase credits which are then used to bid on the auctions. As the starting prices are extremely low, you only need a few credits to get amazing discounts, which can be much lower of the retail value of the products!

Fancy trying it out and discovering for yourself how much you can save? On Swoggi you can register for free and access an exclusive welcome offer that gives you 50 free credits worth £25!

Hundreds of products are available on Swoggi

At any given time on Swoggi you will find lots of different products. You should check back regularly, as new products are added all the time. This is a list of the best sales over the last year:

  • iPhone X

    • 15 sold recently
  • MacBook

    • 52 sold recently
  • Samsung S8

    • 38 sold recently
  • AirPods

    • 47 sold recently

But how do I receive my product? Will it be new? Swoggi uses only high-end, trusted retailers and all products arrive within the typical delivery times of any other online store. Also, yes, all products are brand new, unlocked and come with the producer’s warranty!

How to use Swoggi?

To enjoy the same extraordinary discounts, you just need to follow a few simple steps. This type of auction system can be a little intimidating at first, so here is exactly how you can achieve the best results. To start taking advantage of great savings, just follow these three steps:

Step 1: Create an account on Swoggi, buy a pack of credits and receive your free credits. The following voucher code gives you 50 free credits!

Step 2: Browse the Live Auctions to find a product you would like to win, click on the auction and start bidding!

Step 3: When you win an auction, you will be automatically redirected to the payment page where you will need to pay the closing price and confirm your delivery address.

Note: You can participate for FREE to online sales by using the free credits you are given as your sign up. Once your free credits are used and if you want to participate further, you'll need to buy bidpacks to get more credits.

What are you waiting for?

Despite the fact that Swoggi can seem a little complicated at first, as soon as you've placed the first bids you'll see just how easy it is. If this is the first time you've used this type of auction, we recommend you start with lower-priced products to get used to the mechanics of the site. Place a few bids and, as soon as you feel confident, you can go hunting for incredible deals on our brand new products.

Please note that when there are no free credits available, the cost of a normal credit is £0.50